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Welcome to the TomatoLi family. A friendship built upon premium tees, hoodies and much more! TomatoLi clothes are stylish, witty, and original. Need a fresh new apparel to add some life to your wardrobe? Want to add fun and friendly designs to your everyday outfits? We're here for you!

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  • Ashley, 33

    "I love this! I'm a new mom, so I don't have time to go out for happy hour at the bar anymore. My friend bought me this tee as a joke as I've been so busy with my baby. The tee arrived quickly and it's super soft."

  • A happy woman sitting on the floor of her bedroom knitting while wearing a black hoodie that says knitters comes with strings attached which is a play on the words.

    Juliana, 30

    "During the recent pandemic, I really got into knitting and even gifted scarves knitted by me to my friends on Christmas. This hoodie rightly represents me and now I wear it proudly every time I knit."

  • A black male sitting on a sofa and pumping fists in the air. He is wearing a black tshirt that says I don't want to look back and think I could have eaten that solidifying that he is a big foodie.

    Lucas, 26

    "At our last family dinner, my sister surprised me with this tee. I'm known for being a big ol' foodie and so this tshirt was a perfect match for me. I wear it to every family dinner now! Thanks TomatoLi!"

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