About Us

Welcome to the Tomato Li family. A friendship built upon great tees. 

TomatoLi is the first amongst equal - eCommerce stores to offer our loved customers wacky and edgy designs on soft cotton comfortable clothes. We have set out to create a branded wearable that consumers would love for all of the same reasons, they love their favorite food - it's super fresh, comes with options (and you'll want them all), and can be worn over and over again.

Once you try TomatoLi you'll become a believer in our mantra: “be creative, be crazy.”

With the help from TomatoLi, all of your ideas – no matter how crazy or brilliant – can certainly come true. Our exclusive and premium high-quality tees, tank tops and hoodies as well as the easy shopping process, will surely bring you the utmost satisfaction.

You trust TomatoLi, and in turn TomatoLi gives you back great apparels. Do you see it? It is an excellent win-win relationship!


A female model to the left side of the banner wearing a camera in her neck and a black t-shirt featuring our design for photographers and to the left side in big bold yellow and white letters is written Tomatoli, clothing store.
Our Values

💙Customer’s happiness is our top priority for each and every gift we deliver. We love knowing that we play a role in putting smiles on the faces of your loved ones when they receive a personalised tee or hoodie, made just for them. With our customer-centric core value, we strongly believe that you’ll receive high-quality products and only the best customer service.

💙At TomatoLi, we believe in human love and togetherness and that’s the reason why we also come up with those design ideas which focuses on the message for spreading love and happiness all around us.

💙It’s important for us to create a fulfilling and creative working place where amazing ideas for best products keeps on flowing between us and you!