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7 Cute Quotes for Your LGBTQ+ Valentine

No matter who you're dating, it's important to remember that love is love. And when it comes to romantic relationships, the more you can make your beloved feel loved, the better. For a special someone in your life, Valentine's Day is the perfect time to show them how much you care by expressing your feelings with some cute quotes. Whether it's by writing a love letter, or on a card or maybe on a tee, there are lots of ways to let them know you care.

It's never too early to start planning your February 14th plans. If you're looking for some cute quotes for your lgbtq valentine, here are some romantic sayings that will make you and your special someone feel loved.

There are only so many times you can hear "I love you" or "I miss you" before they start to lose their effect. That's why we're coming up with a series of cute, witty and romantic quotes to give instead. If you're looking for a cute way to show your appreciation, here are some quotes:

  • “My love for you Trans-cends the binary”
  • Support your trans-love this Valentine's Day. This one's for our trans and gender non-conforming fam, the ones who know that gender doesn't mean a thing if you’re in love. Show your partner that your love for them trans-cends all norms :)

  • “I love you and Pan-cake”
  • The phrase is both a play on the word pans, as well as a pun, since "pan-cake" is a subtle nod to "pansexual." Your pan-cake loving partner will swoon over this cute quote. You can make it more fun by getting this quote printed on a t-shirt.

  • “My boo, you’re queerly the best”
  • Have you found someone who sees all of you, even the hard parts and who still thinks you’re basically decent? That person might be a keeper. You’ve both been together for a while now, and still going strong. You'll want to shout out to the entire world how proud you are of them and show your beloved they're queerly (surely) the best.

  • "Always Bi your side”
  • Your partner is not just your soul mate; they are also one half of you. Give them the accolades they deserve through this quote. The quote Always Bi Your Side is intended to remind your partner that you are not a one-time affair but someone they can count on for life itself.

  • “Love comes in many colours and I love you with every shade of my heart”
  • A quote for Valentine's Day that celebrates diversity among people who share love. I love you with every shade of my heart is such a great quote to make sure they know they're loved, no matter what!

  • “I can’t even think straight around you”
  • We get it. You're in love. That's why we made this cute I Can't Even Think Straight quote for you and your Valentine. This quote makes a perfect way to express your sentiments for the guy you can't seem to get off your mind! No, you can't think straight around them. We couldn't either when we came up with this sweet quote ;)

  • “Les-bi honest, we belong together”
  • Celebrate your love with this les-bi honest, we belong together quote. Morphing the word lesbian with the word 'honest' to spell "Les-Bi honest", this quote is flirty and sassy, either for your beautiful girlfriend/ wife or for a special girl you’ve had eyes on for a while!

    All of these quotes are gathered here to show that love is found everywhere and in everyone, whether they are gay, straight, bi, trans or otherwise. The key to finding someone who you really love is to find someone who makes you really happy with your life.

    We hope that these quotes have motivated you to go out and show your lover just how much they mean to you and that this list helped you find the perfect way to say “I love you” this coming Valentine’s Day.

    Love, across the gender spectrum and sexual orientation, is a beautiful and compelling force in the world. We may not always understand what love looks like, but we can appreciate it, and celebrate it every day. Love, despite being defined as a universal concept, can defy traditional and conventional definitions.

    We all deserve love. Spread the word, and love each other. We wish all of you out there an amazing Valentine’s Day. Choose Love, everyday!

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